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zeWEBHOST's Basic plan is the perfect choice for Web Sites that require substantial Web space and bandwidth. All common scripting and database platforms are fully support. A terrific plan for most Web Sites!



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Key Features
Hosting Environment Windows 2008 offers the most flexible, most secure, most advanced and fastest platforms to host your Web site. Windows 2008
Monthly Data Transfer Bandwidth is the capacity required to transfer files to and from your website. If your average Web page size is 100KB, then 10000 monthly page views would use 1GB of your monthly bandwidth. 20 GB

Disk Space

Disk space is the amount of physical storage you can use on our servers

300 MB

Account Features
Secure Parallels Plesk Panel Parallels Plesk Hosting Control Panel is your comprehensive web-based interface to every area of account and website administration.
No Setup Fee Unlike most hosting providers, zeWEBHOST does not charge a setup fee for the activation of any hosting account.
Same Day Setup Account setups are processed as they arrive in our queue.
Money Back Guarantee zeWEBHOST provides a 28 day money back guarantee on all shared hosting accounts.
SubDomains Subdomains are additional domain names that enable you to:
- Organize logically the structure of your site.
- Host additional Web sites or parts of a Web site on the same server without the need to pay for registration of additional domain names
Multiple Domain Aliasing When a website is accessable by more that 1 domain. Multiple domain aliasing allows you to have as many domains as you like to point to the same website that you host on our servers. Unlimited
Web Users You can host on your Web server personal Web pages for individuals who do not need their own domain names. This service is popular with educational institutions that host non-commercial personal pages of their students and staff. These pages usually have web addresses like http://urdomain.com/~username, or http://username@urdomain.com. Unlimited
FTP Accounts File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to upload and download files to/from your website. Unlimited
Anonymous FTP Management
(Requires Dedicated IP Address)
Anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows all users to upload and download files to/from an FTP directory on your website, without the need to enter Login and Password. A dedicated IP address is required.
Custom Error Pages A variety of preconfigured error messages are set on all Web servers (The most common error "404" appears on websites when an attempt is made to access a file that no longer exist). These errors can be configured to be unique for your website.
Scheduled Tasks Configure your scripts and utilities to run on an automated schedule.
File Manager A feature of the Hosting Control Panel, the File Manager utility not only allows you to upload files to your website, copy, move, rename, create and edit files, but give you granular control of all permissions and application settings for files and folders.
Support Features
24/7 Email Support Email support (support@zewebhost.com) is available 24 hours a day.
24/7 Phone Support Phone support is available 24 hours a day.
Knowledge Base zeWEBHOST provides a comprehensive online knowledge base for customers to search for common issues that may occur.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee zeWEBHOST maintains a strict uptime policy on all servers and systems. A minimum 99.9% uptime is always guaranteed.
Advanced Features
ASP.NET 2.0/4.0 ASP.NET is Microsoft's successor to ASP. ASP.NET was created with performance in mind. Script execution times with ASP.NET are many times faster that other scripting languages.
.NET Framework 3.5 The Microsoft .NET Framework is the managed code programming model for Windows. Version 3.5 contains many new features building incrementally upon .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0, in addition, .NET Framework 3.5 contains a number of new features in several technology areas which have been added as new assemblies to avoid breaking changes.
Active Server Pages (ASP) ASP is Microsoft's popular web-based scripting language.
PHP 5.2.13 & PHP 4.4.9 PHP is a scripting language designed for producing high-level dynamic content on your website.
Server Side Includes (SSI) SSI allows you the flexibility to incorporate the contents of several files together in a single Web page.
Flash/Shockwave Macromedia Flash allows you create dynamic Internet content and applications.
Audio/Video Streaming Also known as Progressive Download, this feature allows the viewer to begin playing Audio and Video content as it is being download. The content can also be cached locally for later viewing without requiring repeated download.
Email Features
Spam and Virus Management A cluster of Spam and Virus blocking software protect all email accounts from 90% to 100% of all email Spam and Viruses.
POP3 Email Accounts Email for each user in your account is stored in a separate POP3 (Post Office Protocol) for private and secure access. 50
SMTP Server Relay Access is provided to our SMTP server for all users to allow mail to be sent using any external network.
Web Based Email (Webmail) A popular alternative to using an email client like Outlook Express, Webmail allows you to send and receive emails from anywhere in the world using only a Web browser.
Email Redirects Email addresses can be set up to forward to any internal or external email account.
Auto Responders Emails An email auto responder (vacation message) allows you to automatically reply to any email received in your account.
Email Aliases Unlimited Aliases Email addresses can be set up to a POP3 Email account.
Mail Groups To set up an e-mail address that will accept mail and forward it to multiple other e-mail addresses.
Mailing Lists Mailing list is a convenient way to reach a number of readers at once: it contains a list of subscribers' e-mail addresses, which are combined under a single e-mail address, to which you post your information or your newsletter.
Catch-All Email Address If an email address is misspelled, or does not exist, it will be directed to the "catch all" address that you specify.
Security Features
Access to 2048 bit Shared SSL A shared SSL certificate  is provided to all shared hosting accounts.
Private SSL Certificate Capability SSL is recommended whenever credit card data or sensitive information is being passed on your website.
Password Protected Directories Any Directory, Folder and File or a URL on your website can be password protected to prevent un-secure browser access to critical files, and can be set up access permissions.
Backup and Restore You are granted with the permission to use the Backup and Restore facilities for your own account settings and Web site through the control panel. You will find shortcuts to backup repositories on your Home page.
MySQL 5.0.45 MySQL is the most popular web-based database server available. Very fast and very reliable. 5
phpMyAdmin 3.3.1 phpMyAdmin is a web-based tool that handles administration of your MySQL databases.
Microsoft Access An Access database allows you file-based storage for your database that is easily accessed by your web-based scripts. Unlimited
ODBC Data Sources If you want to access the data from an external database management system, you should use Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers. For example, you can install a Microsoft Access ODBC driver, creating a connection to external Microsoft Access database, and let your web applications use this database for storing their data. Unlimited
Web Applications
Application Vault
A One Step Script Installation
More than 50 of free scripts installations are available covering most areas: Accounting/Financial, Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, Manufacturing Solutions, Calendaring, E-mail, Portals, Help Desk, Survey Solutions, Blog, Forums, eLearning, Gallery, Analytics, E-commerce, Content Management...
Webalizer/AwStats Web Site Statistics Webalizer/AwStats provides real time graphical reporting features that analyze your website logs and provide valuable statistical data on your website visitors.
Downloadable Raw Log Files Every access to your website is logged. Logs files are provided to allow you to analyze this data if required.
24/7 Systems Monitoring Easy maintains redundant monitoring of all systems on our network. Within seconds of any system failure, we are alerted to the problem by our automated systems, so that investigation and resolution can begin immediately.
Dual GigE Fiber Uplink Redundant GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) fiber optic cable connects zeWEBHOST to geographically diverse providers.
Data Center zeWEBHOST maintains a class A data center location in the same building as our corporate offices. Our facility is part of a 1.2 million square foot campus that is also host to one of Verizon's largest data center locations.
Cisco Routers Fully redundant Cisco networking hardware in our datacenter with isolated paths out each of our Internet uplinks.
Dell Servers Dell is the gold standard when it comes to high performance Data Center servers. zeWEBHOST maintains a long term relationship with this industry leader.
Operating System Windows 2008 offers the most flexible, most secure, most advanced and fastest platform to host your Web site.
UPS power Liebert UPS systems provide consistent and clean power as well as an interim backup in the event of street power failure.
Backup Generator In the event of a power outage, a 500KW Caterpillar generator is standing by.
Monthly $12.95/month
Yearly (Two Months Free) $129.50/year
Account Add-Ons
1 GB bandwidth $4/month
50 MB web space $5/month
Unlimited email accounts $10/month
(1) Microsoft SQL database $10/month
50 MB additional Microsoft SQL space $5/month
Custom DLL Installation $35 Setup Fee
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